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Ants Extermination

Pests are a nuisance and that’s not all, they can spread disease-causing bacteria and contaminate your foodstuffs. And if not controlled on time, they go ahead to destroy your precious home from both the insides and outside. So if bugs are your main stressors right now, free free to reach out to us. We pride ourselves with years of experience in pest control. And so when you entrust us with your home, we ensure to offer impeccable professional services that would only yield positive results.

Ants are a big threat to both your home and business. Our team of experts will inspect your property to identify the type of ants and strategize on the best way to exterminate them. We ensure to include you every step of the way.They will also advise you on the proper control procedures.

Bees Extermination

Bees not only sting, but they can also cause you sleepless nights with the annoying buzzing sounds they make . We specialize in the removal, control, and extermination of bees and hives from your property. Our services also stretch to the relocation of the beneficial honey bees to a place of your choice. This is an emergency service that runs 24/7.

Box Elder Bugs Extermination

Box elders become a nuisance in most households especially during fall, as they search for a safe haven for winter. Though they don’t bite, they can stain your walls, giving a bad impression of your property, which could also cost you extra cash for repainting. We respond to your call to help you prevent them from infesting your property.

Brown Recluse Extermination

Brown recluse spiders are known for their painful, venomous and serious wounds. It’s even worse when they invade in large numbers. They form a scary sight and can make your home/business unbearable. Our highly trained pest control technicians, move fast to contain the situation by using the latest technique to exterminate them from your home/business.

Carpenter Ants Extermination

Carpenter ants belong to the ants’ group and love invading indoor spaces. We understand how difficult it’s to kill them. That’s why our team of professionals will apply the necessary steps to ensure they’re completely eliminated from your premises by destroying their nests. We also ensure to equip you with essential prevention tips.

Carpenter Bees Extermination

Having an active carpenter bees infestation in your property is very stressful as they can cause great harm to your wooden structures. When you hire us, we apply the most effective treatment to get rid of them, something that most DIY solutions cannot achieve. Our services are straightforward and we conduct follow-ups.

Centipedes Extermination

Centipedes can be scary and dangerous especially if they invade your property in large numbers. We specialize in offering the most effective centipedes extermination you can depend on. Call us today for a customized quote.

Chiggers Extermination

Chiggers are annoying bugs in the mite family and can cause massive destruction to your home/business if left uncontrolled. Our technicians are readily available and they move swiftly to totally eliminate them and prevent their dangerous mission. Call us today for a free inspection and customized quote.

Cockroaches Extermination

Cockroaches are one of the most troublesome crawling pests that infest properties and possessions. You can trust our excellent skills in killing cockroaches, getting rid of them and controlling them from your valuable home/ business. With them, we provide no room for negotiation.

Crickets Extermination

Crickets are famous for having outbreaks in most parts of the world every year, especially over late summer and winter. We apply the right amount of treatment to help you get rid of them and prevent their invasion into your property.

Earwigs Extermination

Also referred to as pincher bugs, Earwigs can cause you sleepless night when they infest your home. They will not only feed on the leaves of your beautiful plants but also feast on decaying wood around your home. If not controlled and eliminated on time, they can very quickly reduce your home to a shadow of its former glory. You can trust us to help you exterminate them with our never failing pest-control treatments.

Fire Ants Extermination

If you thought carpenter ants are the worst then you haven’t met fire ants. This little animals love backyards and are aggressive and annoying. We use our expertise to eliminate them, to help you restore peace in your home.

Fleas Extermination

Fleas pose health and comfort issues not only to you and your loved ones but also your precious pet. And since most of the over-the-counter products are less effective, you can trust us to use up-to-date treatments to help you rid of this nagging problem once and for all.

Hornets Extermination

Hornets are stinging animals that can cause you and your loved ones great harm whenever they feel threatened. Besides, their nests don’t make a good site either. Our technicians will examine your home and unleash the right amount of treatment to totally eliminate them.

Mice Extermination

Mice belong to the rodent family and are small in size. They can transmit serious illnesses. We are the best mice exterminators in Franklin TN and beyond. We use the most effective techniques to rid them within the shortest time possible.

Millipedes Extermination

Do you have millipede issue both inside or outside your home and would you want it fixed? You’re not alone. Most homeowners will confess to having been stressed by them at one point in life. Trust us to help you get rid of them by conducting a massive elimination exercise on all millipede-favorable conditions.

Moths Extermination

Moths are known to be very dangerous and destructive especially on clothes and other forms of fabric. So it’s only right to get them exterminated from both your home and business. We help you identify a moth infestation and help you get rid of them, in the most effective way.

Pillbugs Extermination

Pill-bugs can be found anywhere in the world and they can become a great cause of nuisance both inside and around your home. Here at Franklin Pest Control, we are highly skilled to exterminate them in the most effect and professional manner.

Rat Extermination

Rats are pretty scary to come across be it in your home or business. They also pose a health danger as they transmit disease-causing bacteria. Our skilled pest-control specialists are also well conversant with rodent elimination and will efficiently help you get rid of them.

Roaches Extermination

Roaches can be cockroaches, but not all cockroaches are roaches. Though you might not know the difference, we know it very well. In fact, they are some of the hardest pests to get rid of, both in and outside your home. We come up with the best elimination plan, to rid your home/business of them once and for all.

Rodents Extermination

Just like humans, rodents are mammals and warm blooded. They can be found anywhere in the world. And they invade homes and businesses to cause destruction. The most common ones include rats, mice, chipmunks, hamster, squirrel, gerbil, etc. With our years of pest control experience, we understand their invasion ways and provide matching treatments to eliminate them from your property.

Silverfish Extermination

Although Silverfish don’t bite, they can be of great harm to your possessions. It’s therefore advisable to eliminate them as soon as you notice them. Our reliable exterminators know how to exterminate them and are readily available to offer your home/business the much-needed and effective Silverfish treatment.

Spiders Extermination

Spiders are creepy and.venomous. And having them in your space means you can’t move around with ease. We have an effective pest-control plan that works to completely shut-down all types of spiders. Just call us today and we will be glad to customize one for you.

Springtails Extermination

Springtails might not bite or cause any bodily irritation to you or your loved ones. But they love damp places and can be overwhelming, especially if they invade your home in large numbers. We know how annoying they can be and have the best extermination solution for you.

Stinging Insects Extermination

Stinging insects are the most dangerous, especially around your home and business. They mainly include bees, wasps, hornets bullet ant, tarantula hawk, etc. Our team of pest control specialists has undergone special training that enables them to handle all types of stinging insects. We use modern treatments and techniques to guarantee you 100% extermination.

Stink Bugs Extermination

Stink bugs are the worst of their kind. They can easily and quickly rob you and your loved ones peace, whenever they invade your home or business premises in large numbers, making them difficult t control. Our joy lies in seeing you happy. And that’s why we ensure our pest control team is on standby for when you need our services. We act fast to exterminate them to prevent them from coming back ever again.

Ticks Extermination

Ticks aren’t fun to live with. They are normally very rampant in homes surrounded by tall grass and wooden structures. If not eliminated on time, ticks can infest your pet leading to tick-borne disease. We inspect your backyard, pet, and home, to discover the gravity of tick infestation, before administering the appropriate treatment. All this, with the sole aim of exterminating them.

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