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Crawlspace Encapsulation


Franklin TN Crawl space Encapsulation

We offer top-notch crawl space sealing services, that can easily and quickly transform your damp and unattractive space into the most comfortable dry and usable area. 

Believe it or not, up to 50% of the air in your home, is channeled directly from the crawl space above. So if you want to live and breath healthy, then you must ensure that your crawl space remains in perfect conditions throughout the year and in your lifetime.

What Do We offer?

Here at Franklin Pest Control, we focus on being our customer’s one-stop shop for all their crawl space solutions. 

Our highly trained and experienced team of experts, ensure to install our ultra-modern moisture barrier appropriate all over the crawl space of your home or business. And once the liner is in place, you can now turn your new dry space into a convenient storage space. We use an up-to-date crawlspace encapsulation system to ensure a thorough encompassing process. And to save you on energy bills, our package includes crawl space insulation. Our main priority is to provide your space with a comfortable and attractive appearance and you can trust us to offer exactly that. 

What Are The Benefits Of Crawlspace Encapsulation?

 If you have been hesitating to hire professional Crawlspace Encapsulation services, here is why you should go ahead with it;

-It automatically increases the value of your property
– Prevents the formation of mold
-Helps you save on energy bills
-Significantly reduces the chances of pest infestation
-Prevents your hardwood flooring from cupping
-Reduces the occurrence of structural damages, etc.

How Do We Work?

1: Our technical team visits your property to examine the condition of your space in readiness for the crawlspace encapsulation

2: We then work to clear any trace of water from the site and then proceed to install a quality perimeter drainage system. 

3: Once that’s done, we officially begin the crawlspace encapsulation. And the first thing we do is install the fastening foam insulation on your space’s foundation walls.

4: Once the foam is perfectly in place, we use it to provide a permanent seal for your foundation vents from the outside. This step is very critical as it helps seal out all types crawl space invaders including moisture. We ensure to use pest-resistant foams with sturdy constructions to offer you durability and reliability.

5: We then proceed t cover the insulation board with a moisture lining and finish it up by wrapping the walls for a complete sealing process of your precious crawling space.

6: Afterward, we ensure to provide complete pier coverage, using quality polythene moisture barriers. Our aim is to ensure that the entire top remains firmly sealed. So expect us to use a waterproof tape for this task as well. 

7: Your space is now almost ready, we ensure to treat the remaining moisture from your space using an up-to-date dehumidifier. And alas! Your crawl space is set!

What Next…

We ensure to monitor your crawling space to ensure it stays in perfect condition, so you can rest easy knowing we got your back. 

Thinking about Crawl Space Encapsulation

Contact us TODAY for a customized offer! 

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