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Floor Support Systems

Franklin TN Floor Support Systems

Have you noticed bouncy floors in your home? If so, your crawlspace could be experiencing some structural problems. This can be caused by rot-weakened joists, columns settling due to weak soil, termites & pests or your support systems spaced too far apart. At Franklin Pest Control, we specialize in stabilizing sinking crawlspaces in Franklin, Tennessee, and the surrounding areas. Our adjustable floor support system is designed to give robust support for raised floors. In every single action, we put our best. We offer different types of support systems that leave no details untouched.

Our crawlspace floor support system

Floors above crawlspaces can lead to a weakened floor system due to wood rot, bug damage, and excessive moisture. When these forces of nature occur, the floor begins to sink. That’s why it’s important that you address any drainage issues that can affect your crawlspace. Our support system consists of a high resistance base that does not use any adhesives or concrete of any sort. 

Here are some reasons why you should choose our services

Freedom of style

Our adjustable support systems combine simplicity and versatility. To highlight the architecture of different spaces, we can play with different materials. Needless to say, the modular support systems can reach up to 3 feet eliminating slopes in every space. The support systems can be used in a wide range of paving, fabricated slabs, marble, porcelain, and composite wood. They also allow for the passage of pipes and cables that are normally present in homes and office environments

Easy to lay, adjustable

Our products are designed to adapt to all models correcting the structure to the millimeter. This saves time in the long-run. It’s worth mentioning that it’s possible to lay the support on an inclined surface without additional components. To address the issue of poor support soils, each floor support system addresses problem soils during crawlspace stabilization. It has one of the highest load capacities in the market today.


Our support systems are produced using top grade additives which increase the load capacity. The base has holes that are specifically designed to ensure perfect water drainage of water. Secondly, they are of high capacity and can support up to loads of over 60,000. This is far much stronger than conventional concrete repairs. It’s important to underscore that our support system is galvanized and corrosion-resistant.

Year-round availability

We offer year-round floor support installation where we complete the work usually within a day. This means there’s no waiting time for concrete to cure. More interestingly, the support system can be adjusted to lift the floor above its original position. If your crawlspace is suffering from mold, we can seal the space with a vapor barrier converting it into a long-lasting healthier space.

Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority

Client satisfaction is our number one priority and that’s why we go great strengths to meet and exceed your expectations. Whether you’re a homeowner or a contractor, we have the staff to help you conquer all the hurdles you may be facing.

Whatever problems you may be encountering, Franklin Pest Control has your back. We have quality products and expertise to offer the best solutions tailored to your needs. Our goal is to help you create a healthier living space, so you don’t have to live with crawlspace problems. Contact us today for a free crawlspace repair estimate.

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