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Cockroaches are among the most common insect pests found inside buildings.

They can contaminate food, kitchen utensils, and other items as they move feely from filth to food thereby carrying microorganisms that can cause food poisoning and other illnesses.

They can enter buildings through produce boxes, grocery bags, cracks and openings around doors and windows.

Cockroaches are more active at night as they generally remain hidden in dark secluded places during the day.


German cockroach

Size: 1/2inch-5/8 inch

Color: adults are light brown with two dark stripes running lengthwise behind their head

Typically found in kitchens, bathrooms, and eating areas.

American cockroach

Size: 1 ½ inch

Color: reddish brown to brown with a pale yellow bad around the edge of the shield behind the head. Adults do have wings; however, they seldom fly

Prefer to eat sweet, starchy and other organic materials

Prefer warm, dark, and moist areas

Largest cockroach found in TN


Franklin Pest Control is located on 256 Seaboard Ln Suite A-102, Franklin.

From Nashville International Airport (BNA) head south on Terminal Dr and use the 2nd from the right lane to turn slightly right to stay on Terminal Dr. Then keep left to continue on BNA Arriving Flights and use any lane to turn slightly left onto Terminal Dr. Next, keep left to stay on Terminal Dr and merge onto I-40 W. After that use the left 3 lanes to take exit 213A for I-440 W toward Memphis and continue onto I-440 W. At this point use the middle lane to take exit 5 for I-65 S/I-65 N toward Huntsville/Nashville and keep left at the fork, follow signs for Interstate 65 S/Huntsville and merge onto I-65 S. Take exit 68B for Cool Springs Blvd W and merge onto Cool Springs Blvd. Finally, turn right onto Mallory Ln and turn left onto Mallory Station Rd. Turn left onto Seaboard Ln, turn left and Franklin Pest Control will be on your right.

We are open Monday – Thursday 8am – 6pm, Friday 8am – 12pm. 

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